Rebel Bots: Attracting Interest From Traditional Gaming Giants

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by Danish Yasin

The popularity of NFTs and the growing market have presented several opportunities for investors to come on board. With games driving the NFT adoption and given the lucrativeness of the market, investors no longer feel reluctant to fund NFT projects.

This has, perhaps, manifested in a variety of projects, each one of which battling to become leaders in their specific segment. We saw the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) top over 100 ETH in floor price not so long ago, while other projects also increase in valuation.

One thing that can be accepted as a fact, though, is the emergence of GameFi as a niche that’s highly populated and sought after. Online games have oftentimes been touted as one of the best use cases for blockchain technology, and so far, numbers add up.

According to a recent report, investors poured over $1 billion in the GameFi sector in January 2022 alone.

Upcoming play-to-earn game Rebel Bots wasted no time in getting funds from investors. According to reports, the game has secured capital from top investors in a bid to develop the game, expand operations, and attract top talents. Built on the Polygon network, it got $4 million funding from prominent French gaming company Ubisoft and others from the non-crypto sector, such as Overwolf, Makers fund, Remagine Ventures, and LD Capital.

The funds came in two forms – a $2 million from seed round and another $2 million from private sale tokens. The success of the fundraising event rightfully positions the game ahead of its RBLS token launch scheduled for January 31, 2022.

Rebel Bots is one of the first few play-to-earn games to attract investors from non-crypto sectors. The majority of investors that participated in the funding round came from the traditional gaming industry and the entertainment sectors. This is proof that people outside the crypto sector are understanding the potential of blockchain technology.


Rebel Bots Explained

The first game in the series Rebel Bot’s Xoil Wars is a sci-fi-based strategic and survival game. Players only have one goal – to defeat other enemies with the machinery of robots for crypto rewards. Since other enemies have the same goal of defeating you, you need to build the best combination of robots for a greater chance of success.

There are two game modes available – Adventure and Multiplayer. In the Adventure Mode, the players battle evil aliens and compete in daily tasks to win Xoil The Multiplayer Mode is also known as the PvP mode. Players fight against each other to gain resources and rise in the leaderboards. Players can upgrade their bots with the resources won in NFTs.

Rebel Bots sold out its inaugural NFT collection on the largest marketplace, OpenSea, in August. The funds generated from the sale were enough to establish an interactive community gaming. Buyers are driven by the rarity of NFTs, and this is a fundamental factor that drove the sale of the first Rebel Bot’s NFT collection.

The game will launch a new collection of 150,000 plots of lands in February 2022 on the Rebel Bots website, Players can purchase the plots with the RBLS token.

In-Game NFT Utilities

The in-game NFTs have some interesting use cases. Users can create their kingdom in the game and invite their friends and challenge them to battle.

However, users must battle it out with other kingdoms for dominance and Xoil resources to become the most powerful kingdom. Rebel Bot’s kingdoms come in different sizes and contain limited plots of lands according to the rarity of the Rebel Bot.

The P2E game will be launched on both web and mobile platforms in Q2 2022.

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